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Family education or “psychoeducation” is the ongoing process of educating family members about a serious mental illness in order to improve their coping skills and their ability to help a relative affected by the illness.

You love your children very much and hope to give them the best education. You may know college fees of today, but overlooked what will be the actual fee you have to pay really when your children really need funds to get admission in their preferred faculty. When your child grows, he/she will ask you for the fee. A child will not believe your answers. So friends, talking of love alone is not sufficient. If you really love your children, go for right investment from the time of birth of your child.

The cost of education in India is increasing at a fast pace. From primary to secondary to higher education, parents are increasingly finding it difficult to meet the growing fee structure and other costs associated with education.

According to National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), between 2008 and 2014, the average annual private expenditure for general education (primary level to post graduation and above) shot up by a staggering 175 percent while during the same period, the annual cost of professional and technical education increased by 96 percent. The expenses typically include course fees, books, transportation, coaching and other related costs.